Bubusi is a software tool designed to create ecosystems for sharing products either for a price, a token or for free.



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Our objectives

Democratise wealth

Collective empowering and multi-stakeholder governance.

Democratisation of wealth; Putting the emphasis on servicing people lacking financial resources; and Prompting people with financial resources to contribute with funds.

Empower individuals

Self Sovereignty in the management of personal data.

Empowerment of individuals by Self Sovereign approach to personal data management, and Building the required capacities to administer and use the sustainable products the platform helps to distribute.

Strengthen societies

Collective empowering and multi-stakeholder governance.

Strengthening communities by Collective empowerment and Encouraging users of the service and end-users of the products to be involved in the governance of the network.

Preserve nature

Full traceability and the envigorating of ecosystem services.

Preservation of the environment by:

  1. Promoting long-lasting, modular and energy efficient designs, made out of reusable and recyclable materials, while ensuring that components which cannot be recycled are properly disposed,

  2. Aiming at full Supply Chain Traceability, and

  3. Applying the principles of ecological economics to account for externalities and invigorate ecosystem services not just to humans but also to Nature.

Expand the iCommons

Open-source and open access to non-personal data.

By 2020 there will be over 34 billion of connected devices in what has become a $450 billion industry. This herald the potential of implementing a circular economy through improved product monitoring and traceability, or even better a spiral economy which like Nature it improves what it recycles.

Realising this opportunity has an obstacle and brings a risk. The obstacle is the current siloing of most data in proprietary networks and clouds. Building a spiral economy requires data to be open and shared. The risk is lack of privacy and the potential misuse of personal data.

Hence, the objective of expanding the intellectual commons by:

  1. Providing open access to non-personal data to organisations developing free algorithms to analyse it,

  2. Disseminating information and knowledge under a copy-left licence, and

  3. Distributing all installable versions of the software under GNU Affero General Public License.

Improve products

Collective empowering and multi-stakeholder governance.

Extend of the life and performance of manufacturing products by:

  1. Improving the monitoring, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs of the equipment the computer platform helps distribute, and

  2. Promoting the research on new technologies and materials.


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Want to be part of sharing economy?

Bubusi is a software tool designed to create ecosystems for sharing products either for a price, a token or for free.

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