Creating Abundance through Sustainable Sharing allows you to easily manage a Library of Things to share equipment, tools and appliances within a community.

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The first Spanish Library of Things opens in Barcelona

Launching of the first Library of things in Spain on January 23rd 2020. It is located at Ca L’Isidret, Sant Martí, Barcelona.

The library of Things is the result of a collaboration between Rezero (a not-for-profit) and Nusos (a worker’s cooperative). Bubusi is providing the platform that runs it.

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About US

We are an international and versatile team working from Catalonia, Victoria and Buenos Aires. We believe that humanity is undergoing two crucial transitions; at a systemic level, we are moving from an ‘unsustainable economic system’ into thriving ecosystem’s living, and at a social level, we are required to transform from homogenised individuals into a heterogeneous humanity.

Our aim as a team is to provide a nurturing and inspirational environment that helps people unfold their potential. The result is a multicultural setting in which we all learn from each other because there are no limits to what can be learnt when the experiences are conducive to learning.

World Waste Statistics Facts

We are facing a huge problem: the waste of resources brought by the current economic system.

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    Currently, about 2.01 billion metric tons of municipal solid waste are produced worldwide on anual basis
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    Roughly 50 million tons of e-waste is produced a year and most of it is shipped to / dumped into poor countries in Asia and Africa
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    Circular economy could be a $4.5 trillion business opportunity.
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    Only 9% of the global economy is circular at present.

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Bubusi is a software tool designed to create ecosystems for sharing products either for a price, a token or for free.

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